Direction/Animation Reel 2013

Demo Reel con trabajos realizados en Dirección, Arte y Animación. La música original es de FOEX.

Demo Reel with my last works in Direction, Art and Animation. Appear in order:
- Music videoclip ‘Enough of my brothers hide the truth’
- Miniserie ‘Telonio and his Demons’
- Miniserie ‘Pepe, a square in a round world’
- Miniserie ‘Jun-Hi’
- Pilot ‘Cagemates’
- Serie ‘Hostal Morrison’
- Intro TV serie ‘Student Center’
- Spot Film ‘Segurito and Front Joe’
- Videogame ‘Littles Extremes’
- Educational ‘Direct Uses of Geothermal’
- Animation short film ‘Miltin’
- Main Spot Chilemonos Festival 2013